Nativity of Mary Parish Council

The purpose of the Parish Council is to advise and offer counsel to the Pastor on matters affecting the life and ministry of the Parish family including the duties to develop, articulate and take action on a vision for the Parish, as well as to foster involvement of Parish members of all ages in this community of the faithful so all may grow spiritually in the Body of Christ.


Strategic Goals of the Parish Council

  1. New Member Ministries - Welcoming Committee
  2. Youth and Family Ministries
  3. Parish Member and Community Outreach

The Parish Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. If you have a topic you would like for us to discuss, please let us know by filling out the form to the right.


Current Members

Steve Caselenda
Ryan Suerverkruepp
Thomas Shearer
Linda Gross
Lydia Sokoto
Zach Hoffman
Paula Dalton
Judy Boulay
​Louise Murray

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