Wedding Music Planner

A Catholic wedding ceremony is a celebration of the entire Church as well as of an individual couple. Music is an important part of the celebration of marriage. The choice of music for this ceremony requires careful thought and planning. Some important things to think about when choosing your wedding music are:

  • Will the music help the wedding couple and the entire congregation to praise and worship God?
  • Does it express the faith of the couple and the Church, praise or thank God for the gifts of life, tell of God's love, or ask for God's blessing on this marriage?
  • Does the music express God's presence in the expression of love, the holy nature of the ceremony, or a passage from scripture?
  • Can the music be sung or played well by those who will be music ministers?

Music for a Catholic wedding must be sacred in nature. "Secular music, even though it may emphasize the love of spouses for one another, is not appropriate for the Sacred Liturgy. Songs that are chosen for the Liturgy should be appropriate for the celebration and express the faith of the Church. (Sing to the Lord, 220)"

All music and guest musicians must be approved by the parish Director of Liturgy & Music. The Music Director is the usual organist/pianist for weddings celebrated at Nativity. We encourage you to employ those who are active in the music ministry at Nativity of Mary. Fees have been established by the Church in order to provide just compensation for those who have devoted time and training to make themselves available for this ministry at Nativity. For more details or questions about music for your wedding, please contact the Director of Liturgy & Music:, (952) 881-8671, ext.8074.

Processional & Recessional

Select up to two pieces for the Processional into the Sanctuary at the beginning of the service, and one for your Recessional out of the Sanctuary at the end. Selections may include but are not limited to:

  • Canon in D (Pachelbel)
  • Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)
  • Arioso (Bach)
  • Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)
  • Trumpet Tune (Purcell)
  • Rondeau (Mouret)
  • Hornpipe (Handel)
  • Ode to Joy (Beethoven)

Vocal Solos

You may choose to have one or more vocal solos sung during your wedding ceremony. There are two times during the ceremony where a solo is especially appropriate:

  • Prelude (before the Procession)
  • Communion or Offertory (for Mass)​ ​

​​​Suggestions of popular vocal solos:

  • Ave Maria (Schubert)​
  • How Beautiful
  • Panis Angelicus (Franck)
  • The Gift of Love

Responsorial Psalm

The Responsorial Psalm is sung between the first and second readings and is led by the cantor.
​The text of this piece MUST be taken from psalm options in the Catholic Marriage Rite.

  • Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Merciful
  • ​Psalm 128: Blest are Those

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