Our History

Our History

Nativity was the first Catholic Church in Bloomington. The first mass was held on November 9th, 1949 at the Bloomington Town Hall on Penn Avenue. After that, weekly masses were held at Bloomington High School or even Oxboro Theatre.

The first building on the current campus was constructed mostly by parishioners. Ground was broken for Nativity's school building and gymnasium on November 8, 1950. In 1951, Nativity of Mary School opened with 140 students and church services moved to the school gymnasium.

The church we use today was built and dedicated by Archbishop John R. Roach on September 18th, 1980. Most of the money for the building was raised through church festivals.  

In 1991 an addition was made to the church to include the Gathering Space, Caritas Room, pipe organ, and a lower level with meeting rooms. The school also expanded to include access between the church and school and make the cafeteria bigger.

In 2005, Nativity of Mary School was remodeled.  New administrative offices were built for both the school and the parish staff. By 2008 the Parish was looking at making additional improvements to the church campus and pay off some debt. The latest efforts will keep Nativity financially healthy and strong for generations to come.

Today, about 1,200 families give their time and talents in 60 different ministries. Nativity’s first priest, Father Martin Larkin, thought education was so important, the school was built before the church. Nativity of Mary School has been recognized as a School of Excellence and continues to attract top educators. The curriculum includes music, athletics, and foreign languages. It’s all taught with an emphasis on Christian values.

Nativity is well known for its welcoming atmosphere and its inclusion of all people. The parish loves to welcome new members to the congregation, particularly during the Easter Season when new Catholics join the church.

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