Children's Choir at Nativity

In choir, we learn how to use our voices to sing beautifully and how to sing at Mass. Choir helps children to grow in their faith as they learn to sing all the parts of the Mass and the hymns. In fact, they learn to LEAD the congregation in song! Our children sing beautifully in all the musical languages of the Church, everything from Gregorian chant to contemporary hymns. We learn why we sing at Mass and talk about the meaning behind what we sing, and what it teaches us about Jesus and our faith. Beyond that, we have a lot of fun!

Enrollment for the Children’s Choir is open to all children of the parish from grades 1-6. If your child would like to join the choir, please email the Director of Liturgy and Music before they attend their first rehearsal so we can be sure to have music prepared for each child.

Children's Choir Permission Form 2022-2023

Our rehearsal time is from 5:15-6:15pm on Wednesdays during the school year. 

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