Statues at Nativity of Mary


Mary and Joseph Shrines

We discovered these two statues tucked away in storage at Nativity, and we believe that they were originally used in the old basement church before our current church was built. The artist is unknown. The woodwork and handcarvings of the shrine were designed and hand carved by Paul Sirba.






























Madonna of the Streets (by the Baptismal Font)

This statue is a beautiful depiction of Roberto Feruzzi's "Madonna of the Streets". It is said that Ferruzzi painted a diptych – a painting that has two sides. The other painting depicts a woman of the streets, a prostitute. She was frantically rushing around the streets of this little Italian town with a baby that had just been born, not knowing what to do. She turned a corner and met the Virgin Mother carrying her baby, Jesus. Mary reached out and took the baby of the prostitute and in return gave her Baby to the prostitute. In this, we remember that Mary is mother to all of us, and while she cares for us, she also gives us her Son, Jesus. This statue is from the art studio of Conrad Moroder.


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