Formed Pick of the Week

Posted on August 28, 2022 in: General News

Formed Pick of the Week

Watch: Augustine: A Voice for all Generations with Mike Aquilina

During this very special week for the Augustine Institute, we celebrate both our patron, St. Augustine, and his mother, St. Monica! As a preeminent Doctor of the Church, Augustine has been said to be "the holiest of the wise and the wisest of the holy." To celebrate this great Church Father, please enjoy Augustine: A Voice for all Generations!

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Learn: FORMED Now: Pope Saint Gregory the Great

In the history of the Church, there are less than five popes esteemed with the title "the Great." One of the lesser known members of this impressive group is Pope St. Gregory the Great. As a late sixth century leader, Gregory is known for his prolific writing, his radical humility, his emphasis on missions, and his dedication to almsgiving. In honor of Gregory's feast day this week, enjoy this dicussion between Dr. Gray and Dr. Sehorn.

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